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Round, Conical-Bottom, 'Nestable' Tanks
Round, Conical-Bottom, Nestable Tanks

These tanks have all the benefits of our flat-bottom tanks with the advantage of a conical bottom. A 20 degree cone-bottom forces high solids to be removed from the bottom continuously. This allows for our tanks to be self cleaning for months at a time.

Round, Conical-Bottom, 'Nestable' Tanks
Part # A B C D Gallons
CB-6028 60" 50" 28" 10" 250
CB-7530 75" 65" 30" 13" 450
CB-8530 85" 75" 30" 14" 650
CB-9636 96" 84" 36" 17" 950
CB-10260 102" 80" 60" 10" 1500
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StandThe stands built by Polytank are made of heavy gauge steel and are sprayed with a baked-on Powder Coat Paint for a durable long-lasting finish. These stands are very durable and value-priced. There is 12" of clearance below the bottom of the cone on all conical bottom tanks in our stands.

Polytank Flat Bottom tanks with Center Stand Pipe drains.

Polytank Flat Bottom tanks
with Center Stand Pipe drains.

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