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W. Michael Craig-Dairy Research Nutritionist, Cargill Research Farm, Elk River, MN
"We have used PolyDome Hutches at the Cargill Research Farm for approximately two years and have been very happy with the results. When managed properly, such as allowing for proper drainage, we have found there is a low incidence of health problems. Scouring and death loss has been minimal."

Dennis G. Johnson-Dairy Scientist, University of Minnesota Test Results
"Calves raised in PolyDomes gained weight more rapidly than calves in wooden hutches. Also, calves in PolyDomes were observed to be more active and social than calves in wooden hutches... temperature was 15-20 degrees F warmer in Poly Domes.

Ken Trevena-Herdsman, Hanover Hill Holsteins, Port Perry, Ontario
"PolyDomes are excellent for starting calves. They are much warmer in the winter" (Their 41 registered Holstein cows currently produce 19,154 lbs. milk with a butterfat record at 773.)

Berwald's Registered Holsteins-Arlen Berwald & Sons, Toronto, SD
"The calves definitely do a lot better in the PolyDomes and are more trouble-free. We sold one of our cows for $41,000 this past year We had her full sister with calves in a calf barn ad we lost her after they all got sick. After that we switched to PolyDomes. We do a lot of ET work and we need good facilities to handle all the calves, so we use PolyDomes - they work!"

Mary Meyer-Gregerson Dairy, Longinont, CO
With 235 PolyDomes on the ground, this satisfied user writes: "Before switching to PolyDomes we were raising calves in crates, causing insurmountable problems. With PolyDomes we now medicate very few calves. Our veterinarian has endorsed our program completely. The performance is well beyond our expectations."

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